InSite Analytic Correlation System

We have adopted the term ‘analytic correlation’ to describe our unique process of continuously correlating alarm events into high value problem reports, without the need for rules or network models. This process is implemented by the CorrEvent InSite product suite.

The aim of the analytic correlation process is to continuously provide up-to-date problem reports, thus allowing network operations users to shortcut or circumvent entirely the process of gathering sufficient alarm event information to identify the cause of a network outage.

The analytic correlation process operates simultaneously in multiple analytical dimensions across all of the different vendors, sites, domains and locations (regions) in the monitored network. And, because it always uses the full set of available information, it has the potential to be more accurate and better targeted than a manual analysis.

Developments already in the pipeline include adding a machine learning capability to InSite to warn users ahead of time about recurring problems and also provide early indications if known problem structure patterns are detected.

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