InSite: Breaking all the rules

Communications networks are never perfect and in those awkward moments when something goes wrong locating problems can seem like a search for a needle in a whole field of haystacks.

CorrEvent is proud to announce the launch of InSite, a ground breaking event correlation system designed to shortcut and improve the problem detection and diagnosis process in communications networks.

Using unique analytic event correlation techniques and novel user interface designs, the system simultaneously presents the user with a near real-time, network wide view of current problems and localized problem reports identifying the incidents that have caused and/or resulted from them.

And the best part of this is that once integration with your existing network management system is complete, you don’t have to do anything else to continue to benefit from InSite’s unique capabilities. There are no arcane rules to write, no awkward network models to maintain and all the while InSite is gathering and storing data on how your network behaves, so it can deliver the most useful information into your service assurance process when you need it most.

Find out how InSite can help locate those needles for you here. Alternatively, contact us and we’ll be more than happy to show you around InSite.

Evaluation: Show us yours and we’ll show you ours

Let’s face it, even the best managed networks experience bad days. Your team may have missed a priority 1 failure or struggled for hours to locate the source of a network problem. That’s why we’ve launched an evaluation program to show you how InSite could provide help when you need it most.

Our evaluation programme works like this:

  • First and foremost we agree a level of confidentiality that your organization is comfortable with.
  • You send us a file of historical alarm events for your bad day, and it’s up to you if you want to tell us what happened beforehand.
  • We put your data through our analytic correlation process and produce a confidential report that we will only share with you. The report will show you what InSite would have found had it been monitoring your network and we can even obfuscate the report details if necessary so your network won’t be identifiable.

Sounds interesting? If you’d like to get more information about our evaluation programme, contact us.